A little bit about me

DhhSC02508-001Hello everyone!

My name is Nadia, I’m 23 years old and here are a few things you need to know about me:

I love chocolate cake! Seriously, I could eat it every day.
But I also love chips, pizza and hot dogs! (Yes I live a very healthy life as you can see)

I’m from Greece.
But I live in Germany for about a year now!

I love movie nights.
And also reading nights.

Which brings us to the most important thing. I love reading. Period.

I have loved reading ever since I can remember myself. Or rather ever since I learned reading, and this love grew much stronger in the past year or so, ever since I discovered BookTube. See, I always liked reading, but didn’t always have enough motivation and couldn’t find books that I loved very easily. Well that all changed when I found the Booktube community, which by the way is a part of YouTube where people make videos about books. So I also created a BookTube channel called NadiaReads!

And not too long after that I also discovered the book blogging world! And I thought “Why not?” And I’m glad I did. I haven’t really been blogging for a long time, but I’m enjoying it very much so far and I hope it will stay that way!

So what you can expect from this blog are reviews of the books I read, memes, discussions, interviews and everything else about books that I feel like sharing! If you like my posts and want to support me, please consider following my blog. There are several links in the sidebar if you wish to do so!

Feel free to leave me a message or contact me in any way! 🙂 I’m also open to any book and/or post recommendations.

Contact me through e-mail: nadiareads@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by and 

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