What’s up with Memes?

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Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about something that has made me kind of confused. I’ve heard so many people saying that they don’t like seeing a lot of memes on blogs. Publishers consider it as a negative to have a blog with many memes. Readers say they don’t really like seeing them. I’ve also seen results from other book bloggers’ surveys and they clearly show that not a lot of people like memes.

Yet there are so many of them. There must be about 5 memes for each day of the week. And that’s only for book blogs. People keep creating new ones and there are a few old ones (like top ten Tuesday or Waiting on Wednesday) that have hundreds of blogs participating every week.

And what’s even more weird, these posts have a ton of views. Okay, I’m speaking only for myself here, since I don’t know other people’s stats. But my top ten Tuesday posts are the posts where I get the most views. And this is followed by Waiting on Wednesday and then by discussions and lastly by reviews. So people obviously like reading memes.

So why is everyone hating on them? I honestly don’t get it. Have I just made this whole thing up on my head that people don’t like seeing a lot of memes? But I’ve heard it so many times. So if most people say they don’t like them, why do they read them? I’m confused…

Do you like memes? Do they have a lot of views on your blogs as well?


11 thoughts on “What’s up with Memes?

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard that too. Definitely with publishers though, when I started being put on bloggers lists they asked about the meme’s you do a week (which was also around the same time (luckily) that I stopped Teaser Tuesdays the Booking through Thursday), because I was getting bored of them anyway. But, I can’t stop Waiting on Wednesdays since it’s mainly where I get to know about the new books coming out (used to be goodreads, but I don’t have the time as much now to go scroll through new books there now.) They do always generate more views though because of the blog hop, and I don’t think they mean they don’t like meme’s as such, but more that they just don’t like all the meme’s, like you said, there’s a lot of meme’s for every day of the week. My stats are higher on Wed & Sundays, and then reviews. I was really surprised by my #LGBTApril Ally post stats though, so that was fun. 🙂

    • I agree that some of these memes are pretty informative and fun to do! I especially love a lot of the top 10 Tuesday topics, so I do that quite a lot! My guess would also be that the views come from the blog hop, but still it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that many people say they don’t like seeing a lot of memes and on the other hand they still get so many views.

  2. I think the problem with memes is for the bloggers/readers who don’t participate in them. I love TTT, because I participate in it. But WoW? I can’t be bothered because it’s not one that I do, so I skip over all of those posts, every week.

    I love memes that encourage discussion or that have a wide variety of topics, which is why I do TTT.

  3. Yeah, my stats are similar with Tuesday usually my highest stats of the week (TTT). I don’t mind memes, maybe because I’m fairly new to blogging. I think the main thing I try to do is take the spirit of the meme and put my own spin on it, and try to show a bit of my personality in each post. Try to turn it into a discussion in a way.

    Also, maybe I’m just a little stubborn, but… I don’t think I’ll ever let anyone influence me to post less of what I enjoy taking part in. After all, it is my little space to post my opinions on books and the things / memes / topics I like. Great topic Nadia 😀

    • That’s very true, of course! Everyone should feel free to post whatever they enjoy writing! I used to love writing memes, but they can get a bit repetitive after a while. It’s still fun, though and a lot quicker than writing a review or a discussion post!

  4. I haven’t heard that complaint before and it’s interesting that you bring it up. I joined in a meme about two months ago and it’s expanded my blog’s audience three fold at least. I do a Wednesday meme and I get my highest views of the week on Wednesdays. I like seeing what other bloggers say about the same subject. Overall, I think they’re positive. But I’ll agree that blogs that post too many of them or post nothing except memes are generally a little bland.

    • Yes, I don’t like blogs that only have memes, or that have memes 5 times a week or sth like that. I don’t mmind reading memes, but I definitely skip quite a few of them from my feed. Especially with TTT almost every blog I follow does that and I just can’t read 50 posts on the same topic in one day!

  5. I have heard that but have the same experience, my meme’s are what get the most views and comments. So it’s hard, I actually really enjoy taking part in them, especially TTT so I don’t see myself stopping any time soon 🙂

    • I’m not going to stop doing TTT any time soon either. I usually find the topics very interesting and they’re fun and “easy” to write! Plus they get a lot of views so people probably enjoy reading them!

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