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Hello everyone!

Today is just going to be a short post about reading variety. I think we can all agree that reading different kinds of books from various genres cannot be bad. I think it’s actually pretty good, because first of all you can test what kind of genres you like and second of all you might be surprised at what you find!

Most of the times I’ve given books from genres that I don’t usually read a try, I was pleasantly surprised. The most recent example for that is the kite runner by Khaled Hosseini. I loved that book and would probably never have picked it up if my mom hadn’t bought it for me as a present. It still sat on my shelf for about two years before I actually read it!

Unfortunately, though, I have to say that I don’t read that many books from different genres other than young adult. Maybe the reason for that is that I read and watch so many people saying great things about YA books, which has led to me having a ya-to-read list that consists of hundreds of books. I don’t really hear so many things about books from other genres. But still, I feel like I should expand my reading variety a bit a lot actually…

Do you read many books from different kinds of genres?


11 thoughts on “Reading Variety

  1. I think I get a pretty good variety. I like a lot of YA stuff but I still read from literary fiction quite frequently. I’m not much into SciFi and when I do try it, it’s very hit-or-miss. I’ve enjoyed the mysteries I’ve tried and I’m not much into romance. The ‘Fifty Shades’ series was my last try at that and it left a sour taste in my mouth.

  2. Young adult isn’t really a genre, but more of an age group, so I don’t think just reading YA means that you don’t have variety with the books you’re reading. 🙂 I try to mix up my reads every once in a while, going from contemporary, to fantasy, to sci-fi, to historical–I try to go out of my comfort zone but sometimes it’s just difficult to like something I’m not used to. >_<

    • yeah.. I thought about that when I wrote this, but then I figured that since all ya books have the age thing in similar it is still not that much of a variety. Plus I usually just read contemporary and fiction and very rarely sci-fi, or historical or realistic. But as you said, it’s hard to jump out of your comfort zone…

  3. Hi there – My primary preference is mystery & suspense. Now that I have a book review blog, I’ve gone outside of my comfort level just a bit. I used to avoid historical fiction, but I found that I really do like some of those. Still don’t like tudor-historical-fiction. A historical fiction I read recently and really enjoyed was The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor; it was her debut novel based on the Titanic.

  4. I think with YA the problem (well, not really “problem” but I can’t think of another word, so I’m going with it…) is that it’s what the majority of bloggers tend to blog about, and therefore they get more attention than other age groups.

    Personally I tend more toward the Middle Grade spectrum of things (though some bloggers would classify some of my choices as YA such as Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus and Harry Potter even though they’re marketed as MG) though I do branch out here and there to YA, NA, and adult reading level books. It’s just difficult when so many people are talking about ‘such and such’ in YA and you’ve got ‘something else’ in a completely different age group because you really want to see what all the fuss is about!

    I also read a lot more fantasy than I do contemporary, historical, etc. and I really need to try and change that. If I could just figure out a way to read something “different” at least once a month like we did with Hunger Games (I haven’t read many dystopian novels before!), I’d be golden 🙂

    Also, just chiming in on your convo with Diane, I’m really interested in reading The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor as well! I know it’s based on a true story, but I’m not sure if the author had any sort of personal relationship to a survivor or if it’s solely from research. Either way, it sounds good and I’m always interested in reading more about the Titanic!

    • I think HP and PJ classify as middlegrade too! I really enjoyed both of them, but I haven’t read books like that in a while now. Since I was in highschool probably. And I also read a lot more fantasy, including dystopians than I do contemporary. I don’t really know why either because I’ve read a lot of contemporaries that I liked, but for some reason I pick fantasy a lot more often.
      And reading the hunger games together was definitely lots of fun and a good motivator to read sth that isn’t maybe exactly what you would pick otherwise. I would have not picked the hunger games otherwise. It would probably stay on my to-read list for a few more years/months.. who knows!

      • Yay! It actually kind of annoys me when I hear people say they’re YA, I’m ready to scream ‘go to a bookstore, they’re in the children’s section!’ at them. Such a ridiculous pet peeve, but there it is XD

        I don’t know what it is either because there are quite a few contemporaries and realistic historical novels that I love, yet fantasy has this really big hold one me right now. Hopefully my plan to read more classics this spring/summer will help a little bit since most of the ones I’m hoping to read are on the more realistic side.

        Same here, oh my gosh! When I made up that list of books for TTT that week I even wrote something along the lines of ‘I’m probably never going to read The Hunger Games.’ Then you suggested reading it together on your post and I knew right away that was exactly what I needed to get through it. There was really no other way with that trilogy for me!

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