Reading Overdose

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So my question today is this: is it possible to have a reading overdose? To read so many books that you don’t even want to see a book for the next weeks/months?

I think it is. I’m still waiting for it to happen to me, to be honest. I have always enjoyed reading as far as I can remember myself. But I never used to read as much as I’ve been reading during the past year or so. Ever since I joined booktube I jumped from reading about 10 books a year to reading about 50 books a year. And that’s quite a jump! Imagine yourselves suddenly starting to read 5 times as much as what you’re reading now. Yeah. Pretty insane, huh?

So even though I’m really enjoying it so far and I never had so many books I want to read on my list, I find myself being worried sometimes. Worried that this appetite for reading might one day go away as suddenly as it came. That maybe one day I’ll wake up and find myself in a huge reading slump that will last for months and months because I will have just read too many books! I don’t know. Am I going crazy here?

It happens to me all the time with food! I suddenly start loving something, like, lat’s say barbecue flavored chips and I start eating them all the time, always the same sort of chips and then one day I can’t even think about them! So why is it not possible for the same thing to happen with reading?

What do you think? Is a reading overdose possible?


6 thoughts on “Reading Overdose

  1. It could possibly happen. I mean, of course, but if you’re not forcing yourself to read books you probably wouldn’t like, for example review books that you have started and then ending up not enjoying it too much, I mean, if you don’t do that, you’ll be fine. I am a mood reader. If I’m in the mood for contemporary, I just read contemporary. If I’m in the mood for dystopian, I’ll go read something dystopian. Of course, I have review copies around, but I just keep them until I feel like reading them. No pressure on me.

    • That’s a great tactic! I try doing that too most of the time. I guess I’m getting bored of things so to say. I might love sth for a certain amount of time and then I might get completely tired of it. So that’s what I’m a bit worried about.

  2. Interesting. I’m not sure though it does seem possible. Last year I only read 10 books for the whole year and this month I’m trying to read 6 or 7. Could be like nanowrimo. When you write 50,000 words in November (or 150,000 for some of us) by December it’s like dead look when considering writing yet some more. Need a break sometimes. Others don’t feel it. 2 of my friends on Goodreads have goals of reading 365 books this year and already have over 140 read. Guess they don’t experience the reading fatigue.

    A to Z commenter
    Reading at Dawn blog

    • First of all what? 365 books? I already admire the people who have a reading goal over 100, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that is more than 170. Wow!

      I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that. I already feel like I’m reading a lot and I only read about one book every week normally. I don’t know if it’s possible to happen. I certainly hope not.

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