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I didn’t even know what the word GIF meant a few months ago and now I’m writing a post on it. Look at me – I’m growing! Lol!

Did you know that GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format? I’m having trouble even understanding what that means exactly, but the point is that it is now a big part of the internet. It is also a big part of the blogging community and also the book blogging world. Some book bloggers hate them, others love them.

I think I stand somewhere in the middle. For me it’s important what kind of a role a picture or a GIF plays in a post. When the whole post is filled with GIFs and there’s hardly anything written, it’s quite annoying. More importantly it feels as if the writter cannot express what he or she wants in words and uses the easy way out. But if it is a whole written post we are talking about and there are just a couple of images thrown in here and there I don’t mind them. In fact I actually like them, because they break up the post a little bit and I like also having some visual stimuli along with what I’m reading. Text is also visual, of course, but you know what I mean…

Then there is the other issue of using GIFs on book reviews. The opinions on that are again very diverse. I rarely use GIFs on reviews, because I know many people hate them. I also don’t see many book bloggers using GIFs on reviews on their blogs, but Goodreads reviews are full of them. I have to say that I really don’t like these kind of goodreads reviews. They seem completely unprofessional and often offensive not only to the book, but also the author. If a reviewer only puts a couple of GIFs in some of their reviews, though, I would say that, again, I don’t really mind them.

So what I have been doing on this blog, is that I usually have a couple of images or GIFs when I have a discussion post. I have to say that I find it easier to read a long text if there are some images in it, in comparison to when there are none. But if you guys think otherwise, I don’t mind removing those.

So when it comes to GIFs, YAY or NAY? 



25 thoughts on “GIFs

  1. I like gifs. I never use them in reviews or anything though. I can’t find fitting gifs. I don’t know how people do that though 😀 But I’m okay with posts with gifs, as long as it has text too, you know 🙂

    • the way I find gifs is by searching on google. I tip in “disappointed gif” for example and usually click on the tumblr page. It’s not always easy to find one, but I usually find sth. I don’t know if there’s an easier way to find them…

  2. I personally also use a gif primarily for discussion posts, mostly because I think they are funny. My opinions on books are just not that gif-able usually. I don’t mind the “Sum It Up In a GIF” approach to book reviews, as long as there’s a thoughtful review written as well, if that makes sense? Otherwise it just doesn’t help me know whether I would like the book.

  3. I like gif’s, but at the same time it depends on the post. So I guess I’d be yaynay? A book review covered in gifs is annoying, even though I have seen a few that can be very funny. Depends on the context I think. I like when gif’s bring humour to posts, and I do think the whole “a picture says a thousand words” saying is kind of true =) Great post!

  4. I like GIF’s when they’re not overdone. Most of my experience with them comes from Facebook. I haven’t tried to use any in my blog yet, but maybe I should think about it. I had a successful blog a few years ago, but I shut it down because I ran out of steam with the subject. When I returned to blogging, I wanted to be more anonymous, but the blogosphere has changed so much.

    • This is my first experience with blogging so I have no idea about the changes you’re talking about. Sounds very interesting, though!

      Anyway, I also like gifs, but sometimes there are just too much of them. Especially in some sites.

  5. I’m in the middle as well. Not a yay or a nay. It depends on a number of factors, though I’m not the fondest of the ones that move. Sometimes they are too jumpy because there is a small loop that repeats in quick pace. But it can work with some blogs. There is one on tumblr called I Read Terrible Things, and the use of gifs worked great as she forces her way through certain popular bad books (or the crazy less known ones too). For mine, I’m considering having an image on occasion but they won’t be the moving ones. But an image or two can liven up a blog and give a personable feel, depending on how it is used.

    So it depends.

    A to Z commenter
    Reading at Dawn blog

    • Yes, you’re right, some GIFs are a bit jumpy because it’s a small scene over and over again. It can even be tiring to look at, sometimes. I like pictures because they make a blog more colorful and it’s sort of like reading a magazine. You don’t want a magazine full of only text, right? But, on the other hand, I don’t like blogs that overuse pictures and have very little text. And I’ll check out that tumblr blog!

  6. I find some GIF’s funny but I find them quite distracting so find I tend to skip the text around them. I don’t use them either so I guess I’m a Nay but not one who hates GIF’s they are just not for me.

  7. LOL I just went on a rant on the blog’s FB page yesterday about GIF “reviews” on Goodreads. I absolutely loathe them. I wish Goodreads would give us the option to block any review that uses them. They just make my head hurt. I was trying to look up a book (this is what caused my rant) and I had to scroll through 2 pages of reviews before I found one that didn’t contain almost entirely gifs as their review. I mean. Come on now. That’s just ridiculous.

    I’m okay with one…or two well placed gifs but I want an actual review, ya know? Gifs can be great though when used in fun posts or in moderation. So nothing against them really just the over use on Goodreads. It makes me…ranty. lol

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

    • I totally agree with you! These sort of posts get on my nerves. Especially when it’s a review! And goodreads is truly full of them! There are some books that have hundreds of only gif reviews and if you want to find a different one you have to search for ages.

      I also prefer gifs in non – review posts. They make a blog more colorful and fun to look at!

  8. Actually, GIF has been a big part of the internet since the mid 90’s. I tend not to use GIF. It seems like a middle ground between a picture and a video, and I rather use a picture or video, not the GIF.

    GIF can also be used in ebooks, but not in the same way. It is more used for creating a special character to use in your book. Using jpg is bad because it actually reduces the image (takes away pixels) and it can appear bad when resized, and png is too large. GIF is fantastic, especially for black and white as it is small and doesn’t take anything away.

      • You probably didn’t realize it. Not all of them have them, but if you’ve ever seen like Large letters in the first line, sometimes those are GIF, or if you see special designs for a break in a story. It is namely used for anything that is black and white.

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