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I was really not sure if I wanted to do a topic on followers because it’s such a touchy issue. I decided I’m going to do it anyway and see what kind of a reaction I’ll get! Watch me being brave! Lol!

There’s a weird kind of oxymoron with followers on a blog, twitter account, facebook page, youtube channel, pretty much every social media on the internet. Everyone hates people who only care about followers, but everyone (I assume) is happy to get more followers. It’s pretty obvious that people are keeping track of how many followers they have, because there are constantly celebrations of “follower milestones”, like 100 followers or 1K followers, you know what I mean… So if most people are keeping track of how many followers they have it is proof (at least to me) that they care about the number of followers they have and they want to have more!

So why hide that fact? Why pretend that you don’t care about it? I’ve heard many (and I do mean MANY) people saying that they don’t even care how many followers they have, they only write their blog because they want to share their love for books, they would continue doing it even if they only had 10 followers… Ugh! Give me a break! If you want my opinion that’s just a whole lot of BS!

Just a disclaimer here! I am not saying that the love for books isn’t a reason why someone would start a book blog. It’s probably the top reason, actually. But this is mostly in the beginning. And there are more reasons along the way. And I think one of them is getting more followers and everything that comes along with them.

So, back to the point.

Do we just have to hide the fact that we want to have followers? And why? I don’t understand why it’s considered a bad thing to just say that you’re happy about the followers you have and you would really like to have some more! I’m not saying you have to shout it! Or leave “please follow me” comments everywhere… That’s just plain annoying! But why do people say that they don’t even care about followers? Is that really the truth? Cause I’m having a hard time believing it.

So, to put myself out there a little bit, I would like to admit that I do care about having followers. There have been times when I was very obsessed with it (counting them every day and checking if anyone has followed or unfollowed!). This phase is gone now (Thank God!), but I still pretty much know how many followers I have at all times. Give or take a few! I know that this obsession fades with time (as has happened with me and my youtube channel), but I doubt it’ll ever completely go away!

Followers are a huge motivation to keep writing this blog! If no one ever read what I wrote I don’t think I’d bother writing anything. It would feel completely pointless! And I won’t pretend that I haven’t dreamed about having thousands of followers and writing one of the biggest book blogs and making this a full time job! That would just be awesome!

Let’s talk about it! Do you think that saying “I don’t give a damn about followers” is honest?


22 thoughts on “Followers

  1. I know a couple who it very much is true for. They blog for themselves and are happy to have people visit but they don’t really care about numbers.

    I’m kind of in the middle. Of course I like having followers. I like the interaction with them. My big things I work on are FB and comments on the blog. The rest meh I don’t really worry about email numbers (though before posting certain posts I check just to see how many will unfollow but that’s more a running joke not something I fret over). Twitter/goodreads/pinterest/bloglovin eh not a huge deal for me but I don’t spend a lot of time on them either so maybe that’s it.

    But like I said FB and comments. I do obsess over those and care about them. I totally know how many FB followers I have on any given day and keep an eye out for changes. I spend a LOT of time on our FB page though interacting which is part of why I care about that one so much. I like knowing people are out there and paying attention and enjoying what I post. And I’m okay saying it too 🙂

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

    • for me it’s quite the opposite. I don’t even know why I have a fb page, to be honest. I made one, because every blogger has one, but I’m not posting anything more than blog updates on there. Maybe I should start doing sth more with it, actually…

      Comments are the most important to me, because I like the interaction. It’s the best way to see if someone read your post and it’s great for getting a discussion going!

  2. Of course, I’d like to have followers. I mean, It’s nice to get comments on posts you write and all. If you have followers, this is usually a bit easier than if you have no followers or just a few followers. I know how many followers I have, but I wouldn’t really care if someone unsubscribes or unfollowers. Of course, it’s a bit sad, but maybe later there will be someone else following instead. We all started out as small blogs with 5 followers or less. Followers come and go over time. Everyone gives a damn about followers, some care more than others. Deep inside they do all care about it a little bit. That’s what I think 🙂

    • Yes! That’s exactly true. I don’t think it’s really good to obsess about followers, but everyone cares, even a little. I don’t really notice if someone unfollows. It would have to be more people at once for me to notice, since I don’t get any notification when it happens. But, I mean, it’s okay. As you said someone else will probably follow later.

  3. I agree with you! Followers are important to a blog and blogger. One of the things I love about my followers is the interactions and conversations that we have about the books that we love. However, I understand that the number of followers a blog has isn’t the most important thing!

    This is a great topic Nadia! You will probably get a lot of wonderful discussion on this!

  4. I do know a few bloggers who really don’t care about followers, but that’s because they’re emphasis is having a database of reviews for themselves they just want to share in case someone wants to read. For most of us though, I think we do care about followers. I do! I dislike the feeling of shouting into the void. I think it’s important though, to not get caught up in trying to build followers so much that you forget about people that are already following you. I never want anyone who follows me to feel like I’m just trying to “collect” followers. I really appreciate each of them!(as I think most of us do!).

    • this trying too hard thing is annoying. For example having a follow me button everywhere, feels like the person only cares about having more followers. I’ve even found myself on a blog where a follow me button would pop up every time yu clicked on sth! I ended up clicking out and never returning! Lol!

  5. No one really wants to blog if they know that no one’s reading. The main reason I love knowing I have followers is because I know that some people out there are interested in what I have to say and it’s great! I don’t really mind the exact number of followers, but it’s still nice whenever a milestone’s hit. For some people, it’s for the fame. For others, it’s knowing there are people they can interact with and relate to. Basically, though, everyone loves knowing they have a good amount of followers. Loved this post, Naida, and I’m glad you decided to do it!

    • the interaction part is the best thing about having a lot of followers. You can discuss with them more and it just feels great! I think everyone likes to have followers, but it’s also important to not be all about the followers. Then it gets a bit annoying.

  6. Some people honestly don’t give a damn, but a lot of people do (and I admit, I was in the beginning, too) but yeah, I’m over that. It is nice to see your blog grow though, and as pretty much everyone did, I started mine because I love reading (and it was a way of keep tracking of what I’ve read, and finding out about new books that I might not have before) and it is fun hitting other blog milestones (not followers) like, review milestones (I’ve recently just made it over a 100 reviews). I have days when I just want to delete my blog, (and I have come close to it a few times) but I just keep reminding myself, I started this for me.

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

    • First of all: NO! Don’t delete your blog please! It’s amazing! And 100 reviews! Wow! That’s great! I’m still at around 40.

      I think it’s important to not be all about the followers, but I don’t think it’s bad to care about followers. Everyone likes having them (in the beginning even more, as you said), so I don’t see why it’s bad to say so.

  7. When I first started blogging, I was all about the followers. I didn’t understand why they didn’t all just come right away. Then I took a step back and started really writing for me and the followers are coming.

    Jessica | Beagles and Bargains

  8. I do enjoy having followers who regularly comment–it creates a nice cyber-relationship about books and it’s always nice to know that someone is actually reading my posts! However, I think we all know that the actual number of followers that you have isn’t always the number of followers who are actually reading posts. I think everyone has a certain number of “inactive followers”.

    When I follow a blog–either through the WordPress site or via my Feedly account (and I do use both for different reasons that I won’t go into here!)–it’s because I’m genuinely interested in what that blogger has to say. Even if I don’t comment regularly, I’m reading and enjoying their posts. I don’t follow someone just to follow them–and I hope that’s why the majority of my followers are following me. I’d rather have fewer followers who are actively engaged with me that more followers who are just numbers on my stats page.

    • That it so true! I have much more followers than views or comments. When I started blogging I actually thought that if someone follows me they will read all of my posts and comment in a bunch of them, because that’s what I do. But there are so many people who follow for whatever other reason and might never even check your blog again. I guess everyone has those, too.

  9. Heck, I want followers. I want comments. I’m shameless about that.

    My bigger problem is apparently my nonexistent concern for making money. I’d be happier to know 1,000 people were reading my words regularly (they’re not) than with $10,000.

      • Oh right. I actually meant making any money at all in any sphere of life. I’m notoriously bad at that. The idea of making money off a blog is totally confounding, although I actually have friends who do it.

      • I think it must be around 1 out of a 100 bloggers who make at least some money from blogging. I don’t personally know anyone, but I’ve seen people asking for 50$ for an ad for a week, so I assume those do make money..

  10. For me, it’s more along the lines of, “I don’t blog for followers, per se, but I love gaining new ones!”

    I didn’t start blogging in the hopes of gaining thousands of loyal readers, but I also want to have my posts read and conversations had. The only way to do that, is to increase my readership!

    I try not to pay a lot of attention to how many “followers” I have, because I’m honestly not bothered. But I do love it when someone new finds my blog, and let’s me know via Twitter or in a comment that they enjoyed one of my posts.

    • It’s really awesome to have someone tell you they liked your blog or one of your posts! Priceless! The conversations are I think, the biggest perk of having many followers. There are more people interested in joining discussions and different ideas thrown on the table!

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