Top 10 Things on my Bookish Bucket List


Top 10 Tuesday is a feature/weekly meme created at the broke and the bookish

This week’s topic is to list the top 10 things you want to do, concerning bookish things.

I have chosen to list all things any book/blog related things I want to do, without picking any more specific topics.

1My first bookish goal is to finish some of the series I’ve started. I’ve started so many over the years and a lot even in the past six months or so and it’s not like I don’t want to continue reading those, I just get distracted a lot. So I need to figure out a system to finish some of those.

2Read. The. Hunger. Games. I cannot believe I haven’t gotten to that yet, but it’s going to happen! I have even planned to read them together with Christine from Readerly Musings, in the beginning-middle of April so now I can’t back down! I’m going to read them!

3I would love to  interact more with other book bloggers. I see that a lot of them have personal relationships with each other and are friends and it seems like so much fun. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll even get to meet some of you guys!


4I want to read a bit more diversely. I love reading YA, but I don’t want to just stick to that. I also want to try different genres, since most of the times I’ve read some adult fiction I wasn’t disappointed. But I still always go back to young adult. And I don’t want to stop with that, but I definately want to add some more genres!

5I need to film more videos. If you follow me on youtube as well you might have noticed that I have neglected my channel lately. I haven’t uploaded a video for a while now and I really want to get back to that. My excuses are that I’m on vacation and I already have to sudy for exams and I don’t want to add any more things on my to-do list right now. I’ve also been in a bit of a filming/editing slump. I just don’t feel like it right now. But I do want to get back to doing it real soon!

6I want to try and keep my promises a bit better. I sometimes say that I want to do this or that on my blog and then end up not doing it, wich I hate, but I’m really bad at sticking with my plans sometimes. I’ll try to work on that and think twice before I agree on doing something, so that I make sure I’ll be able to keep up with what I say.

7I would like to create a blog design that I’m completely happy with. I keep changing things around, but nothing seems perfect to me. The problem is I’m not very creative, I don’t know anything about CSS and stuff and I’m on which has many limitations. But I also don’t want to pay for something I consider a hobby, so I just try to work things out on my


I want to start interacting with some authors. I rarely ever say anything to an author on twitter because I’m too shy and I feel like I’m bothering them. I have tweeted a couple of them when I write a possitive review of their book, but so far only one has answered. I don’t know if it’s just me, but since they don’t answer I feel like I’m just wasting their and my time by tweeting them, so sometimes I don’t even bother!

9Gather the courage and ask for an ARC. I see almost every book blogger getting them and I know I don’t have much of a chance because I live in Europe and I don’t have that many followers, but I would like to give it a shot. Just getting the courage and asking a small publishing house for a review copy will be a success for me.

10I want to own more books. This probably sounds weird to most of you, since book bloggers are known for having tons and tons of books on their bookshelves. Well, not me. Since I’ve moved to Germany I don’t think I have more than 50 books on my bookshelf. Probably even less. And no more than 5 of them are unread. I don’t really want to go too crazy with my unread books pile, because after a while I start feeling guilty for buying new books when I have so many that I haven’t read. But I still want to create a pretty little bookshelf and for that I need more books!

What do you think of all these? Do you have any similar things on your bucket list?



20 thoughts on “Top 10 Things on my Bookish Bucket List

    • Lol! Thanks! Maybe I’m overthinking it! There are just some things that are bothering me and I don’t have the needed coding knowledge to fix those, so they just get on my nerves!

  1. Ahhh, you haven’t read The Hunger Games! It’s soo good! Well, I guess I can’t really say anything because I haven’t read Harry Potter *hides*

    I really would like to finish some of the series that I’m in the middle of too, hopefully I can get caught up soon.

    • I know! I know! I want to read them, but I’m scared of the hype! But now I’ve made up my mind! There’s no going back!

      And yes! Finishing series is sth that’s always on the back of my mind!

  2. I really love your list and agree with many of your points. Have you used NetGalley? I don’t know if you meant a physical ARC. I really hope you enjoy The Hunger Games. I think it’s worth reading!

    • No I haven’t tried NetGalley because I don’t have an e-reader. I’m still trying to decide if I want to buy one! I really prefer physical books, but I can see that e-books can be very practical!

  3. OMG! I would love to meet some of the bloggers I met online! I watch a video blog on youtube where a couple of the bookish video bloggers got together and went to Disney World! HOW AWESOME would that be!!!!!
    OMG! Nadia, you must read Hunger Games! It has sentimental value, it actually helped me while I was recovery.
    This is a great List Nadia! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    check out my top ten @ Book Hangovers Blabs Books

    • Yes I’ve seen that video too! I think it was during vidcon last year! It would be so awesome! And I’ve finally decided that I’m going to read the hunger games! It’ll definately happen!

  4. #3…yes, yes, yes! Sometimes I get a little jealous of some of the relationships I see between other bloggers! I know that relationships take time to develop, just like in real life, but at times it seems a little harder to do in the blogger world! Thanks for mentioning this!

    • Yeah! It would be awesome to build some close relationships to book bloggers! I think the fact that I’m a bit socially awkward / shy together with the fact that I live in Germany (maybe?) is keeping me from doing this. And I should probably get a bit more active on twitter!

  5. #1-YES. God, I’ve so many series that I need to complete! The thing is once I read a book that I love I’m excited for the sequel but by the time it comes out I’ve lost my interest or there are other books that I simply HAVE to read/buy! >.<
    #4-Before I started blogging I used to read a lot of different books but now I seem to leaning more towards YA(which is also a good thing!) so I seem to be ignoring my adult & non-fiction reads, 😦
    #3 and #8-Most authors/bloggers are lovely and very down to earth so don't be afraid to talk to them!
    #9-If you've been blogging for more than 6 months you should give it a try 'cause most of publicists are super friendly and nice. But it's kinda easy to get caught in the hype madness so be careful! 🙂
    Good luck with your bucket list, Nadia! 😀

    • Yes! Same thing happens to me all the time! But I really want to finish some of the sequels! There’s just always new shiny books that I also HAVE to read!
      I’ll definitely try contacting more authors and bloggers! It’s time for some more interaction!!
      Thanks for the comment! 😀

  6. I recommend switching to blogger if you want to change the entire layout. Blogger doesn’t have limitations, maybe except for the fact that the commenting system sucks, but you can change that into disqus or anything you want to be honest.

    I am terrible at finishing series as well. I usually just buy the first book and never finish. And when the second book is for sale, I buy it, but don’t read it until many many moments later. But Idk. I haven’t read the Hunger Games series either, well only the first one 😛 I’ll get them at the library I think, I’ll just have to read them in Dutch, I can’t afford to buy more books at the moment.

    totally twitter around with some cool bloggers, that’s what I do, it’s super nice to do! I’m around if you want to talk with someone cool. I really want to meet some cool blogger people as well. But I doubt that there are any close to me in the Netherlands. Even Germany is closer than Amsterdam 😛

    You could try out Netgalley/Edelweiss if you haven’t. And there are some awesome authors that really don’t mind sending you an ARC/finished copy. I have only received one finished copy of a book from a self published author, just give it a go. You might get disappointed, but you also might not 🙂

    This comment is long. Sorry ^^

    • I think that you’re right about blogger! I initially wanted to start on blogger and I tried it out for a couple of weeks, but I was really annoyed bz the fact that they didn’t have a menu. I was so new to the whole coding thing back then that I had no idea where to even start trying to create a menu, so I switched to wordpress… Big mistake, I think!

      I’ll definitely get the hunger games next month! I think I’ll even buy the whole series as a boxset even though I usually don’t do that! But I have high hopes for this trilogy!

      I should totally get a bit more engaged on twitter! And I live in Germany, so we might be close! 😀

      I don’t have an e-reader, so that’s why I haven’t tried out netgalley… I think I might get one in the future, but I don’t know… I prefer physical copies!

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