Nadia Reads Slowly


So here’s the thing. I read about 1 book every week. Sometimes it can be less and sometimes more, but in general about one. And I don’t feel bad about it. In fact, I feel kind of proud! It’s much more than every single person I know in real life reads and it’s much more than I used to read before getting into booktube and book blogging.

The problem is, that if you see what other book bloggers manage to read in a week or in a month… it’s crazy! Most book bloggers finish about 8-10 books a month, from what I gather. Some even make to 15 and I’ve heard someone saying that they once read 25 books in one month! I couldn’t even believe it in the beginning and I still ask myself


My reading speed is about 50-75 pages an hour. I’ll admit that it’s not that fast. I can read a bit faster if I try to, but then I don’t really absorb everything I read, so I prefer to read in a comfortable for me pace. I’ve heard a couple of people saying that they read about 100 pages an hour, which I really admire. But still, in order to finish a let’s say 300 page book, you’ll need three solid hours of reading. And in order to finish 10 300-page books in one month you’ll need about 30 hours of reading! That’s quite a lot!

I’m not going to say that I don’t have that much free time, because it really isn’t too. If I cut out on every other form of procrastination (aka internet, social media, movies, internet, tv, internet) I would probably end up with more than 30 hours a month. But I can’t do it!


I love reading books. I really do! But spending so much time on reading would be way too much for me. I don’t think it would be any fun anymore and I would soon go into a huge reading slump. When I first started booktubing I really tried to increase the amount of books I read and I actually did it! I used to read about 15-20 books a year and I read so much more now. But still, I thought it wasn’t enough.

I thought that in order to be a part of this booktubing / book blogging community I would have to read as much as most of the others do. Soon I realized that it was impossible for me, but I also realized that you don’t have to read so much. It’s not a race. You can just go on your own pace and try to do the best you can do and read as much as you can and want to.

I still sometimes feel discouraged when I read a monthly wrap-up or something and realize how much more than me that person has read, but I don’t feel the pressure anymore. I don’t feel like I should push myself to manage to read that much, because I know I can’t and I know I don’t have to.

And I am finally proud to say it when I’ve read 4 or even 3 books in a month. I don’t feel the need to apologize. And if we see it realistically it’s much more than an average person reads. Or at least more than my family and friends read… πŸ˜€

How about you? How many books do you manage to read? Do you feel the pressure to read more?


18 thoughts on “Nadia Reads Slowly

  1. I read fairly fast and I read a lot. A lot of my free time does go on reading, because I have such a stressful job it’s nice to kick back with a book. You’re right though, it’s not a race. I’m always surprised when I hear people have read more than one book in a day. My friend just read 7 in the weekend Fri-Sun. That blows my mind!

    • OMG! I don’t think I’d ever be able to read 7 books in 3 days! One book a day is also too much for me! I’ve done it, but only once or twice. I admire you for reading that much, though!

  2. I have a goal to read 50 books in 2014, which breaks down to nearly one per week (which is usually what I end up doing). Some weeks I read two, others I don’t finish a book but I am in the middle of one.

    I find I enjoy the books I read more when I slow myself down to actually absorb them. And like you, I don’t want to spend all of my free time reading. So I understand what you are saying.

    • my goal is also around 50 books and I don’t think I would manage much more! I love reading, but it’s a hobby and I can’t spend all my free time doing it… Plus whenever I push myself to read fatter I end up in a huge reading slump!

      • Yes! That is what happened to me last year, shortly after I started my blog. I had so many books that I wanted to read for myself and I signed up to participate in too many blog tours and ended up in a reading slump that was a couple of months long.

  3. I read a lot, and it’s not unusual for me to read 15-20 books a month, but this is a rather newer thing. Until the middle of last year, I was in college, and would read maybe 50 books a year. That’s still a book a week and is great, but I’ve just picked up the pace on reading for a few reasons.
    1)I don’t have homework any more, and reading is just the easiest thing to do when I come home from work to sort of relax.
    2)Other than work, at this point in my life I don’t have a whole lot of responsibilities. In school I was always super-involved. Clubs, activities, etc, in both high school and college. I don’t have to take care of anyone else because I don’t have kids, etc, and most of my social time is limited to the weekends.
    3)I also tend to read fast naturally.
    I always really hate when I see people comparing reading though! You should definitely do what works best for you. And I know I won’t always be able to read as much as I do now, but for the moment, I’m enjoying it!

    • I also read more than I used to before I got into book blogging and I think the reason for that is that I’m finding out about more books and I get excited when someone talks about how awesome a book is! I also have a huge list of books I want to read and would like to read them all now, but it’s just impossible!

      But maybe I’ll also be able to read more after I finish with Uni, because now there’s always some paper to write or some exam to prepare for and when I want to take a break from studying, reading isn’t always my first choice…

  4. I usually just read about 1-2 books a week. I work full time, go to school full time and have 2 kids and a husband. Reading 8-10 books a week is just not in the cards for me right now even though I would love to read that many a week, haha. Hopefully once I finish nursing school next year I’ll be able to add to my 1-2 books a week πŸ™‚

    • I think with a full time job, school and family reading 1-2 books a week is still a lot! I read just as muc and I only have Uni and a part time job every now and then to worry about! Good job! πŸ™‚

  5. I read fast, I know I do, and when I have a good month I’ll be one of the crazy people reading 8-10 books a month. I don’t mind, because I love every single second of it. The problem is though… that real life gets in the way (2 jobs, school, family, arranging my ‘moving-out-of-the-parents-house-in-august-situation’, and other stuff), so at times there are months that I read 3 books tops.

    Which makes me feel like crap, and terribly cranky. I’ve always read a lot of books, and reviewing makes it even more fun, but I have times that the stress of everything just gets to me (which mostly result into reading/blogging slumps).

    Anyway, I think it doesn’t matter how many books you read, as long as you have fun and keep loving what you’re doing!

    Great post!

    • Of course the most important thing is to have fun! I’ve found out that what works best for myself is to not put too much pressure into reading because I always end up i a huge slump! So I ususally end up with about 4 books a month. But I’m really happy if I manage to read more than that! It’s just that things like Uni, work etc keep getting on my way!

  6. I love this post, and I definitely relate to it! I usually read about 1.5 books per week, and I am a bit amazed when I see other bloggers complaining that they “only” read 10 books in a given month. You shouldn’t have any regrets about a lower book count, though – it’s more important to balance your bookish life with friends, school, work, etc. And like you said, a book is more enjoyable (at least for me) when it’s not read in one sitting. If I increased my books read count, it wouldn’t feel like an accomplishment; it would feel like a chore and would cause me to have a less well-rounded life.

    • Yes! I’ve tried reading more books in a month, but it just doesn’t work for me! It’s not really enjoyable anymore. And since I generally don’t read that fast I’ll just have to accept that I can’t read so many books so quickly!

  7. I’m a fairly fast reader (not compared to some book bloggers, but compared to the average reader! haha) and I definitely sometimes feel pressure to read more. I usually finish around 5-6 books/month, which is about 1 1/2 per week and which (I think) is great! But when I start to compare myself, I realize how much more other bloggers are reading and I get a little panicky.

    It’s why I do my best not to compare myself to other bloggers. Like you said, if I devoted most of my free time to reading, I’m sure I could be more “competitive”. But I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, reading less and doing other things πŸ™‚

    • I’d also consider you a very fast reader. I think we’ve kind of lost sense of reality. In the “real world” reading one book a week is considered very good and quite higher than the average. But in the book blogging world it’s a whole different story. I think the only way I wou;d read more is if I did this as a job and got paid for reading. Which would be freaking awesome, now that I think about it!

  8. Never feel pressured to read, you’ll just won’t enjoy it otherwise. After all, we all started blogging for the same reason: we love books. I felt exactly the same though, in the beginning I was reading a lot and I think I read 4 books in one week but now I really can’t do it. So I read around 2 a week, 3 if it’s been a good one. Especially the past few weeks because I’ve felt pressured to constantly read. I felt like it before Christmas too, so when I took that week off I felt so much better for it (so I’m really thinking about taking another break soon). As long as I read the ones I have to review by a certain date, I’m happy. I can read up to 100 pages in an hour depending on the book and if I just keep reading (which, doesn’t happen often), so I usually read between 50-100 in an hour. I have so many shows to catch up on now though, haha.

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  9. I read pretty fast, but at the moment I just don’t have the time to read that much. I have to read literature for school, which is more important than the books I buy myself. I don’t think you have to apologize for it. I read about 4/5 books every month as well. Which is like 1 book a week, which is amazing, right?!

    • I think so too! A book a week is great! It’s much more than anyone I know in real life reads! It’s just that book bloggers tend to read so much, that saying that you’re happy for reading 4 books in a month is starting to be a bit weird!

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