#HarryPotterAThon Week 3

Hello everyone!

Basically, oops! I fell behind again… I was really planning to read a lot this week, but things didn’t exactly go as planned! Maybe read-a-thons aren’t really the thing for me…

Anyways! I started reading the 4th book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and so far I’m up to page 290 of 654. Not really much! I also watched the third movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


There’s not really anything else to say… I’ll try to finish the fourth book and maybe even start with the fifth one, but I’m  not making any promises this time.

Has any one of you been reading the Harry Potter books? How are you doing?

8 thoughts on “#HarryPotterAThon Week 3

  1. you still aren’t doing bad. you might have slowed down a little, but you are still reading them all the same 🙂 You also planned on reading the first 5 originally anyway. so you still have time to atleast do that part of it!

    I’m doing really good! I’m almost done with book six, getting close to starting book 7!!

    My post is up on my blog!!

    Amber @ Paradise of Pages

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