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I have 301 books on my Goodreads to-read list. I think I might have a problem. I’m obsessed. But I really like it. I don’t buy that many books and adding them to my shelf feels a little bit like buying a book. Less exciting, but still exciting!

So, anyway! I now have all these books, some of which I might not even find all that interesting, but would like to read if given the chance and I don’t know which one to choose. If you follow me on Youtube you might know that I’ve created a TBR Jar, wherein I had originally put 12 book titles with pretty covers from my to-read list. I don’t own these books, but each month err… every now and then I pick one title randomly and buy this book and read it. I actually really enjoy this kind of random way of picking books because as I said I have usually no idea of what book to buy next.

So I have come up with some ideas on how to choose the books I want to read each month! Since (what a surprise) I couldn’t even choose which method I want to go with, I thought of asking you guys! So here it goes:


I could ask on twitter for someone to pick out a number (or two) between 1 and 301 (or whatever the number of books on my to-read bookshelf is on Goodreads) and then I will go on my list and pick this book (or books) and buy them and read them. I could also use for this, I haven’t really thought it through yet.

That way I will have a completely random book that I will read that month.


I could make monthly themes. Like one month I can pick only vampire books, or New Adult books, or over-hyped books again from my to-read list. This is not completely random, but it might also be a nice way to pick books. The problem here is that it might get a bit monotonous if for example I read only vampire books for one month, but I can make the themes a bit wider if I realize it’s getting boring…


I will make 3-4 big categories (perhaps contemporary, fantasy, over-hyped and sequels, or something like that) and then each month pick a book for every category. I could pick these either by choosing myself the ones that I want or randomly – similarly to idea #1.


Each month I could pick maybe ten books that I really want to read and make a poll on my blog so that you guys can decide for me! As you see, I’ll pretty much do anything to avoid making a decision myself!

You can choose more than one if you want to or…
you can also tell me in the comments if you have any other ideas that I could use!

I’m curious, do you also have this problem of choosing, or is it just me?

24 thoughts on “The Next Book

  1. I’d totally go for the first one! I have seen some people around that use and pick a book each month. I actually want to do this as well, but I first need to get through my TBR list, because some books are just there and I don’t even know how they ended up there. So that’s a thing I need to figure out first. But I’d go for the random book!

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ I was looking through my tbr list the other day and I saw some books that I’d added months ago and don’t even know why anymore! But since I put them there there must be something that I found interesting!

  2. Having a TBR jar is such a unique idea. From all the options above, I like idea #3 the best. Good luck with any method that you’ll choose, Nadia! πŸ™‚

    Lately I’ve just been going with my mood about which books I should read next, but I also dare myself to venture out from my usual genre (YA) by reading books from other genres I’ve never read before. For example, last month, when I wanted to read Historical Romance, I googled ‘best historical romance books’, something like that. I’m happy to say that I’ve found some gems that I had not been aware of before. πŸ™‚

    • Yes! It’s always nice to span out to more genres, even though I have to admit that I mainly stick to YA books, but I read some adult ones too every now and then! And I usually learn about a ton of books through book blogging and booktubing, so I pretty much know about a book in each genre if I ever want to pick sth new!

  3. I also have trouble picking what to read – and I really like your idea #3. Random, but with guaranteed variety. I may have to do something similar actually – though it would take some time to sort my over 700 books on goodreads!

  4. I had trouble logging in and I’m not sure if my comment is in holding or just disappeared – so sorry if this is a duplicate!

    I have this same problem and really love idea #3 – it’s random but you still get guaranteed variety! I might have to try something similar, but I dread sorting my 700+ books on goodreads.

    • Yes that’s true! It’ll probably take some time to sort through all of those books (didin’t think about that! Lol) But that’s alright! I don’t mind doing it! I spend so much on the internet just procrastinating that I can sacrifice some of it to organize my tbr shelf on goodreads!

  5. I usually have a backlog of books I have promised to read. So “choosing” is a luxury I don’t have. I choose by how long ago something published, or whether I have to have the review up by a date certain.
    One great thing about Kindle is the download a sample and the look inside feature. And, you don’t have to finish something you don’t like.

    • Yes if you have review copies or sth I guess it becomes a lot more complicated! I’ve also thought about choosing the older books first, but I also want to read a lot of the newer ones and vice versa! Having a kinlde would probably come in handy! I’m still contemplating on the idea of buying an e-reader…

  6. I just did a huge clean-out of my TBR and took off everything that I couldn’t remember why I added it or that didn’t sound good after looking into it again — and I STILL have 235! So I definitely feel your pain. I think any of these options sound good for sure – whatever it takes to dig into Mount TBR. πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh man, I just checked mine, and uhm, 1496 on my goodreads shelf. I really need to sort that out, crap. With ones I’m reviewing, I read the ones in order to the release date, but when I want to read my own, I pick a couple I REALLY want to read or have been waiting to read and give the titles names to a friend, who gives them a number from 1-10, and then the first number I pick I read, (because I can never choose myself, and if I do I always end up changing my mind.) So basically, the same as #1. Yeah, I’d avoid monthly themes, because they would get boring, (I didn’t have monthly themes, but I went through phases of vampires, werewolves, witches, etc) Really think #3’s a good idea! You’d have a good variety, and that way you’d get through them quicker, too. So yeah, I’d say #3, but #1’s a good idea, too. Or like you said, you could kind of incorporate #1 into #3 with a randomizer. πŸ™‚

    • Wow! 1493! That sounds scary! I’m afraid I’m also slowly going toward that number, though! I remember at first I was so excited that I was finding out about books I want to read and now they’re actually a bit too much!! I also usually pick the one I want to read the most at that moment, but since that’s always more than one, I decided I need a new system and late fate decide for me!

  8. You are one brave lady with idea #1 and even the TBR jar. I am such a mood reader that I always need to be the one to pick what I read. I hope you find a system that works for you!

    • Haha! Thanks! I pick the one I want to read most so far, but the problem is, it tends to be much more than one every time and I’m more or less excited to read every book on my tbr, so I think I’m going to let fate decide for some of them!

  9. I really like this idea, and voted for #3. I like spacing out different genres myself and sticking to one genre for a month would get really repetitive very quickly. And now that you made me curious, I looked at my Goodreads TBR, and I have 647 books on it. That’s like a 5 year reading supply! I really need to spring clean that ASAP.

  10. Love the idea of a TBR jar! I’m going to have to try that out πŸ˜‰

    I can’t decide whether I like #1 or #4 best! I have such a hard time deciding what to read next and I’ve been known to list about 5 books on Twitter and read the ‘winner’. There’s just so many books out there and on my shelf and sometimes I have an extremely hard time deciding.

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