Book Blog News {Re-reading, Binge reading, Quality and more…}

Hi guys and welcome to Book Blog News! This is a feature I post every Sunday in which I talk about what has happened in the book blogging world in the past week. It basically includes posts from other blogs that have caught my attention and I want to share with more people! It was inspired by Elizziebooks‘ “Booktube News”.
So grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a look on some of the most interesting things going on!


First thing that caught my attention was a discussion over at The Reading Shelf about re-reading books that you’ve already read. Do you guys do that? And if yes why? Genevieve states 5 reasons of why and when she decides to read a book again.

Jamie, over at the Perpetual Page-Turner had a similar post about binge-reading series. Aka marathoning series. Many book lovers like to get all the books in a series and read them back to back. Apparently Jamie isn’t one of those! Go over to her blog to see why!

Mime from the Notebook Sisters wrote a post regarding Quality Literature. It’s a fact that most of the book bloggers mainly read Young Adult books. But what exactly is quality literature and more importantly what if you don’t like it? Mime talks about that and why she likes the books that she likes!

There’s an interesting post at The Paper Sea regarding book reviews. We consider it a basic part of book blogging, but how many are actually reading them? I know I sometimes tend to skip reviews and so does Nikki. Hop over to learn why!


Do you accept every friendship request you get on goodreads? Giselle over at Xpresso Reads talks about which ones she accepts and which she doesn’t using some funny examples of answers to the “Why do you want to be my friend?” friend request question!



Cee from The Novel Hermit differentiates between two kinds of book pickers: The “free spirited book picker” and the “planned book picker”. She’s in the free spirited category. In which one are you?

Have you seen any other amazing posts this week? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Book Blog News {Re-reading, Binge reading, Quality and more…}

  1. I only reread my favorite books, and not that often. There are always so many new books I want to read! But sometimes I just need a break or want to read my favorite parts of certain books, so I reread. And I’m definitely a free-spirited reader – I have a to-read list but I often read books that aren’t on there if they I catch my eye. I also don’t really have an order. I just decide depending on what kind of a mood I’m in 🙂
    – Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider Silk

    • I used to re-read books often, but lately I haven’t that much! I find so many new books through blogging and booktubing, that I feel like I want to read them all now!!

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