Hey guys!

This is just a discussion post as I would like to share my frustration with the world! There are so many abbreviations used in the book blogging world that I honestly can’t keep up!

When I first started blogging I started seeing the term YA over and over again and I was like “What the heck is YA?” It actually took me forever to figure that one out, because if you google just the term YA nothing really comes up… So, I’ve been blogging for some months now and I actually thought I had all the abbreviations figured out, but no! There are always more!

After YA (which by the way means Young Adult, if you’re new to this..) I had to figure out terms like MS (for middleschool), ARC (for advanced reader’s copy), POV (for point of view), OTP (for one true pairing)Β TBR (for to-be-read) and just recently DNF (did not finish). I’m sure there are a lot more that I’ve encountered while reading other blogs, I just don’t remember them right now… Or I’ve gotten so used to them that they don’t even register with me anymore!

Now, what I’m not really sure about is whether the fact that English is not my native language is keeping me from understanding those things immediately. Do you guys just automatically know what all of these abbreviations mean? In that case just ignore this whole post and me complaining about something that is just common sense to everyone else. Just blaim it on me being a non native speaker. Or just being plain dumm. I’d prefer the first one if you don’t mind. Just pretend you never read this post!

That being said, I have to admit that I do use abbreviations too sometimes. Oops! My only excuse is that after seeing something again and again a million times you really get used to it and don’t realize that the people reading this might not really know what you’re talking about. But I really try to keep it to a minimum.

Lol! πŸ˜›

10 thoughts on “DNF, YA, ARC… WTF?

  1. Acronyms can be confusing sometimes! And I think it’s not because English isn’t your native language–I didn’t know most of these acronyms before getting involved in the bookish online community(except maybe YA–I think that’s the only one I think non-bookish people would understand too). And I’ve actually personally never seen someone use MS for middle school–it makes sense, but often when I see MS it means manuscript, which gets confusing when you can have more than two acronyms!

    I think all these things are mostly just things that happen when communities spring up. They tend to adapt their own lingo because it’s easiest. Even in offline communities I’ve been a part of, I remember having to talk awhile to adjust to certain words. In college, I was part of a campus group, and I remember that we had certain words I thought were strange at first until it became second nature to use them. Or even on my college campus! I swore when I started school I would never call the student union building the “SUB” like everyone else. . . and yet I did after three weeks!

  2. I don’t think it has much to do with your native language (mines Welsh), as such as more to do with abbreviations, it took me ages to figure out text speak. I still don’t get most of it, and I don’t like them anyway (I’m the type of person that uses full words when texting. Always.) Book wise, when I first went on goodreads, they confused me too. But, within the 5 years I picked the lingo up, for most. Even now some still do confuse me though, (like you just put up OTP and I didn’t even know what that meant, haha) I get why we do that though, because it’s easier sometimes than to write the full word every single time, especially in reviews, but I wouldn’t say POV of YA, if talking to somebody because I hate it. Though, I do say DNF out loud just because I like that one, and it kind of works.

    • Yes… I guess I can understand that it’s quite handy to use all those things! I’ve even found out what most of them mean! (even though more and more show up all the time). I just get frustrated when I read something that’s full of those and I have to google like 5 things in order to understand something. But I guess most people who will read a book blog are used to this kind of language or slowly start getting used to it, or like me! Or like everyone, actually!
      P.S. I didn’t know you’re welsh! That’s really cool! I so want to travel there one day! πŸ˜€

  3. I use all of the abbreviations that you mentioned, quite a bit actually. But there has been the ones that I’ve had to look up because I saw them on Twitter and had no idea what they meant, SMH (shaking my head) and TBH (to be honest) are just a few, haha. So I don’t think it has a lot to do with your native language since I’m American, lol. I think a lot of people just make up stuff πŸ™‚

  4. I think the problem (problem might not the best word…) is that once you know what an acronym means you start using it a lot and forget that other people might not exactly know what they mean.

    I try to use the full word when I’m writing more professionally (such as on my blog) but on twitter and such, I’ll generally stick to acronyms.

    • Yes! That’s definitely the “problem”! I know I start using the ones I’m now familiar with too! But it’s quite frustrating when you get into book blogging and there are a ton of these new acronyms that you had no idea about!

  5. Interesting topic. I’m not one to be in tune with the latest abbreviations so I often find myself lost especially with my co-blogger who is really good with them. I have to say some of the ones you listed are hard to figure out. MS could mean so many things and OTP? No. I often see the more common abbreviations like YA, POV, ARC etc in blogging but I haven’t passed by man new ones. When I think of this topic though, I always go back to the msn days and BRB. I couldn’t figure that one out for the longest time. Brb, burp? What πŸ˜›

    • Lol! I’ve never heard of BRB, to be honest! But I’ve also learned the most used book blogging acronyms, like YA and ARC! New ones keep coming up all the time, though!

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