I’m Failing at Blogging!

Well, not completely… Yeah, but quite a lot!… But still… Oh! Come on… Okay. Let me explain!

I’ve been visiting a lot of other book blogs lately – I didn’t even know there were THAT many of them, actually, but anyway! And I’ve been seeing a lot of different blogging styles, posts etc. And through that I realized that the ones I like the most and always end up following, are those who have a lot of discussion posts and / or original features. I really love reading those and always jump to these kind of posts immediately when I see them in my inbox.

I’ve heard read quite a few bloggers saying the same thing and I think everyone would agree. Original posts are always the most interesting ones and I prefer them a lot in comparison with memes and even reviews.

The problem, I realized soon after, is that I have hardly any of those posts! Sure, I have the Book Blog News every Sunday, which is something that I really like doing, but other than that I have almost only reviews and memes! Why on earth do I do that? I, personally, love discussions and I don’t have any of them? Not even one? WHY?


Once I realized that I knew something was really wrong and that something has to change. I mean, it’s ridiculous! How can I not write the posts I say I like the most? And more importantly:


So here’s my NOT New Year’s Resolution. I will change some things in this blog. I’m not one for big changes, I always prefer to do things more gradually, but here’s what’s going to happen:

  • I will start writing some bookish discussions! Immediately!
  • I will cut back on some of the memes. I will definitely continue with Top 10 Tuesday weekly almost weekly. I think I’ll also continue with Feature & Follow Friday (which I’ve done only twice so far, but I got to know so many new book bloggers!). But other than that I don’t think I’ll do any more memes. At least not regularly. There might be a Waiting on Wednesday post every now and then.
  • I will continue writing book reviews of every book I read. Expect to see reviews around once a week, because that’s usually how many books I manage to finish in one week.
  • I will try to think of some (or at least one) original feature to do, apart from Book Blogging News. Can’t give any promises though… Just blame my lack of imagination when it comes to those kinds of things!

So, expect to see some changes in the coming days! I hope they turn out for the best and I also hope I’m not disappointing anyone!

What are your favorite kinds of posts?


12 thoughts on “I’m Failing at Blogging!

  1. Nadia, I have been a subscriber to your YouTube channel for quite a while. I enjoy your videos and recently I stumbled across your blog. You have an amazing blog. Personally I enjoy reading a lot of book reviews and I agree about original posts. Few of my blogging friends have different discussion posts. One of my favorite is teen talkz featured at My not so real life blog. Although I don’t write diccusion posts, I enjoy reading it.

  2. I’ve been lacking bookish discussions as well! I plan to do one every week of this month, though. πŸ˜€ I only do one weekly meme as of now and that’s Waiting On Wednesday. I might try doing F&F again, but I’m not so sure. Mostly, I love reading blogs with mostly reviews, discussions and less blog tours/promotional posts. πŸ™‚

    Aimee @ Read by the Undead

    • yeah… too many memes can be kind of annoying! I mostly like blog tours, but if there are too many hosts and I see the same blog tour on every one of the blogs I follow, it gets on my nerves!

  3. Aw Nadia I really hope you don’t feel like you have to purposely be original to stand out. Your own unique personality and style you bring to your blog already makes you stand out. But I hope your new features will reflect what you really want to do for your blog and what represent you the most πŸ™‚

  4. See, that’s what I’m kind of feeling, now I’ve been blogging consistently for eight months, I’m getting pretty bored of meme’s lately, so I’m thinking of maybe a discussion now and then on Tuesdays instead, I’m still doing Waiting on Wednesdays though, because I really do love them- and I discover a ton of books I wouldn’t have really seen otherwise. The thing though- like you said, is originality and imagination, and to do that every week would probably just as annoy me as the meme’s, so I think I’d do mine maybe once every two weeks or something, because I do love discussion posts, too. And actually, it’s where I have a lot more to say and comment on that some reviews of books I’ve never read, and I love reading other people’s opinions on the same things and see the different responses, much more fun. πŸ™‚

    • I also always prefer commenting on discussions! On reviews of books I haven’t read there’w not really much too say other than “sounds interesting” or sth! It’s quite harder to think of sth on your own, though, in comparison to memes, but I think it’ll be more enjoyable too!

  5. I do enjoy discussion posts, but my first love, and what brought me to blogging in the first place is the awesome reviews I find! And I keep adding more and more books to my Mt. TBR every single day. Because if someone I follow is enthusiastic about a book, I want to read the awesomeness, too.

    I have discussion posts on my blog – but not every week. I have so much to do, and it’s hard to come up with something interesting to discuss, I think. But that’s just me.

    Good luck on making your blog the best it can be, with your awesome vision to guide you.

    • yes! reviews is also something that I really enjoy writing! When I started this blog I was actually thinking that I would post only reviews whenever I finish a book. But later I discovered more things that I can write about!
      Thanks a lot for the comment! πŸ™‚

  6. I know the feeling, I feel like I have been doing only reviews lately and Showcase Sunday when I remember. I have a few ideas for original posts but I just have not gotten around to doing it. I will try my best to start this week. Looking forward to seeing your discussions πŸ™‚

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