Book Blog News {Rating, Moving, Opening and more…}


Hi guys and welcome to book blog news! This is a feature I post every Sunday in which I tell what has happened in the book blogging world in the past week. It was inspired by Elizziebooks‘ “Booktube News”.
So grab a cup of coffee and let’s see which were some of the most interesting things going on.

Becca from Pivot Point Reviews wrote a really funny “Life of a Blogger” post. This week’s topic was “Introvert or extrovert?” and she described all the crazy partys and fun she’s having as an introvert! It seems to have a lot of perks!

Alison Can Read published a post called “Genre Overload: Too much of a good thing?”. In it she explains how much she used to love YA paranormal fantasy and after reading too many of this genre, she doesn’t even want to hear about it anymore. I definitely understand what she’s talking about as this always happens to me with foods! Never with chocolate cake, though…


Stormy from Book. Blog. Cake shared one of her reading habits with us. She talked about being a One-Sitting Reader and all the things she loves about it. How she prepares to sit down and read a book from cover to cover and all the necessary things she needs to do it. Hop over to read more details!


Marianne from Boricuan Bookworms wrote a post about ratings. In her opinion rating books high on average is definitely not a bad thing and doesn’t define her as a reader. I completely agree with what she says in that post and I have also noticed how some people who tend to rate a bit lower sometimes think that other people who tend to rate higher aren’t being honest. There’s a discussion going on on her blog, so go over there to join!


There’s also a survey going on on Cuddlebuggery. Steph created it in order to find out what her readers like reading most, which ones of her posts are our favorites and which ones we don’t like as much. Go over there and join it! It’s fun and doesn’t take more than 3 minutes.


Hopeless Romantics had a big announcement for us. They’re moving from Blogger to WordPress! Their new name is now These Paper Hearts, so make sure to go to their new blog and follow them there!



There’s also another new blog called Oh, the Books! This is created by three awesome ladies from Another Novel Read, A Bookish Heart and Literary Excursion. They posted their very first post recently and explained everything that we can expect to see in that blog. Go over and take a look!

Have you seen any other amazing posts this week?

8 thoughts on “Book Blog News {Rating, Moving, Opening and more…}

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I love being introduced to new, wonderful book blogs and I will be sure to take a peek at the ones that you have posted here. This is actually a really cool feature.

  2. Hey Nadia! Thanks for featuring my blog here πŸ™‚ BTW, I saw in your sidebar that you’re team Adrian on VA… so am I! I haven’t even read the last VA book because I’m so frustrated with Rose not choosing Adrian.

    • You’re welcome! πŸ™‚
      I know! I really liked Adrian more!!! But it was obvious Dimitri would be the one… Have you read Bloodlines? They have even more Adrian!!! It’s an awesome series especially for as Adrian fans!

  3. Thanks for linking up to Oh, the Book’s Grand Opening Nadia! I’ve been loving all the support we’ve been getting for our new blog. Definitely relieves a lot of the anxiety we had prior to the launch wondering if anyone would like it!

    I love this feature by the way, am not sure if I saw it before. I mean, I’ve seen the YouTube one that you list as inspiration, but not the same thing in blog format. I like it because I usually only list the link title on my weekly recaps, and this sort of goes into more detail about them (and isn’t so overwhelming since you don’t link to every single thing ever). Nicely done! πŸ™‚

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