The Sound of Reading

Hello there!

Let me start by saying that I’m not usually the person that likes to listen to music while reading. It mostly distracts me and I end up not being able to pay attention to neither the music nor the book I’m reading. I just like to read in quiet with no noices distracting me whatsoever.

That being said, I just recently stumbled upon a website called Kasetofono (which in greek means tape player) that has many playlists with hundreads of songs on each playlist. One of those playlists is called The Sound of Reading. It has literally hundreads of songs without lyrics that are perfect to listen to when you’re reading! Trust me. If I was able to enjoy listening to music and reading a book simultanouesly you will be able too.

The only problem (for most of you, I guess) is that the website is in greek. No! Don’t leave just yet! There is a way you can still use it even if you don’t speak greek. First of all, you can directly go to “The Sound of Reading” and just click on play, or scroll down and take a look at the music that is on the playlist. No need to be able to speak greek for that! You can also access all of the other playlists that are in english by going to the Mixtapes page. They have a bunch of amazing playlists like winter, world music, relaxing afternoon etc. It’s really quite fantastic! And the last thing you can do if you don’t speak greek is go to the Categories page and browse playlists according to feelings mostly (e.g. happy, sad, relax).

So, all in all there are many different possibilities. Oh and the best thing about it is that it’s totally free and without ads! What more can you ask for? Trust me and go take a look. And if you get obsessed don’t blame me! 😉

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