Book Blog News {Comments, ARCs and moar!}

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Hi guys and welcome to book blog news! This is a feature I post every Sunday in which I tell what has happened in the book blogging world in the past week. It was inspired by Elizziebooks‘ “Booktube News”.
So grab a cup of coffee and let’s see which were some of the most interesting things going on.

Ashley over at Nose Graze started a discussion about “wanting” to love certain blogs, but having some things stopping her from doing so. Her post has gotten a lot of comments, so go over there and join the discussion.


Kelly from Effortlessly Reading wrote about a little annoying habit of hers, that I think a lot of us share. I’ll give you a hint: It has to do with beautiful covers and book buying problems…


Judith from Paper Riot shared her opinion about receiving ARCs and how a lot of bloggers envy other bloggers for receiving a lot of them. There’s a big conversation going on there too, so you should definitely take a look.


Shelly over at Readiculous Reads is starting a new feature on her blog called Confessions of a Library Worker. She is working at a library and shares with us what is going on “behind the scenes”. In her first post she explains what happens after someone requests a book from a library.


Sandra from Tea Between Books wrote her “Let me Talk” feature and this time it’s all about the comments. She explains on what kind of posts she likes to comment and how often she does that.


Last but not least, there is a “Romance is in the air” blog hop happening, hosted by I am a Reader not a Writer and Rachel Anderson. There are a lot of blogs participating (so you may have noticed already) and many giveaways going on!


That was all for this week! Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if there are any other posts that got your attention this week! See you! 😀

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