December in Review

december (2)

Hello guys! Well December is over and with it also 2013! So here are my bookish highlights of this month!

Books I’ve read this month 

  1. 1984 by George Orwell (5 Golden Stars)
  2. The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger (4 Stars)
  3. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead (4 Stars)
  4. Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan (1.5 Stars)
  5. The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead (4.5 Stars)
  6. Heist Society by Ally Carter (3 Stars)
  7. Animal Farm by George Orwell (3.5 Stars)
  8. Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews (4 Stars)

Average Rating: 3.69

Book of the month

 I feel like I ready many good books this month, but I will pick 1984 by George Orwell as “book of the month”. The reason for that is that I think it’s a book that will “stick” with me. I think it’s something that I will definitely be reading again in the future. A book that can without doubt be called a masterpiece.

Quote of the month

“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection.” He paused to reconsider that. “Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try.” 

This one is from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead said by Adrian Ivashkov. This book was full of comments like that and that’s one of the many reasons I loved it!

Character of the month

Again I will go with Adrian from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. This is my newest fictional crush. Adrian is absolutely swoon-worthy in my opinion. He is funny, sarcastic and cynical, but also has his soft and sensitive side. I am absolutely in love with him! One of my favorite characters ever.

Cover of the month

This is going to be without a question Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. If you’ve read my review of this book you know I didn’t really enjoy this book and ended up giving it only 1.5 out of 5 stars. It was really disappointing, but the cover remains beautiful! One of the best covers I’ve ever seen!


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