Book Blog News [Christmas, Comments, Speculations]

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Hi guys and welcome to book blog news! This is a feature I post every Sunday in which I tell what has happened in the book blogging world in the past week. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s see which were some of the most interesting things going on.

This week did not really have a lot of posts as many bloggers have been taking a break. There were some though, that were working on their blogs!

You may have noticed that there were a ton of Christmas posts this past week. There was however one that stood out to me and that was Cuddlebuggery‘s holiday wishes. Sort of an anti-Christmas post that made me laugh, even though I am a big Christmas holidays fan!


Effortlessly Reading talked about a topic that I think annoys everyone – big and small bloggers – and that is faking comments. Leaving the same comment in dozens of different blogs just to get attention to your own blog. There are also many responses to this post which shows it’s an issue many people have been dealing with.

Icey Books wrote a book about all the books see would love to have, or – as she phrased it – she would punch a crocodile for. A funny post that is worth reading!


Another conversation that caught my attention was that on Brianna’s Bookish Confessions about staying on wordpress or becoming self-hosted. A dilemma that I think many of us have.


There is one last Christmas-y post that is really fun and it was created by A Bookish HeartShe has a ton of little presents for everyone! Under every one of these presents hides a new amazing blog for us to find out! So go and explore all those awesome blogs you will discover!

As I said, there are not many things going on this week, but there certainly are some posts worth reading!

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