2014 Reading Goals

Hello everyone!

Well 2014 is just around the corner and I thought that this year I would set some reading goals for myself! I just recently started keeping track of what I read (mostly through Goodreads), but I didn’t have any specific goals this year.

So, for next year I have decided that:

1. I will create a reading challengeΧωρίς τίτλο

I will try to read 52 books. I know… 52 is such a weird number, why not 50? Well, I thought that since the year has 52 weeks, I would try to read one book per week! This doesn’t mean that I will finish one book each and every one week, maybe one week there will be two, another none.. you get the point. But in the end, I will have basically read one book every week!

ALSO, in order to keep track of these I have created a page where I will be writing the books that I will finish every week!!!

2. I will read at least 6 adult books. Why 6? I just thought that it would be one book every other month. I know, brilliant, right? The main point of this is that I would like to read a bit more diversely. I feel like I’ve only been reading young adult, lately and I know there are so many amazing adult books out there!

3. I will finish at least 5 series. If you watched my video about my unfinished series, you will probably know that I have started a lot of series (around 28!) that I have yet to finish. I would actually like to finish a lot more than 5, but I’m setting a realistic goal here and hope I can achieve it!

4. I will re-read at least 5 of my favorite books. I like that I have read so many awesome new books lately, but I fell like I miss a lot of my favorite characters, like for example Harry Potter, and I really want to jump into these familiar worlds again!

So these are all the goals I hope to achieve for the next year! Have you set any reading goals for the next year? Let me know and wish me luck! 🙂

6 thoughts on “2014 Reading Goals

  1. I need to branch out into the world of adult books too. I read Hyperbole and a Half which was soooo good (does that count?) and this year I read You Are Not So Smart, which were both books out of my norm and I loved them. I haven’t even read NA to this point! And finishing series is a big deal. Recently I’ve been trying to read the next in many series. The problem is that I completely forgot the first… Anyway, good luck with your goals!

    • I haven’t read any NA books either! I also need to get started on those! And I also have the same problem with series.. I keep forgetting what has happened in the first book, but on the other hand I really want to finish them.. ugh! Thank you for commenting! 😀

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