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Hey there!

So I decided to start this new thing on my blog, where I will be sharing with you all the new interesting things that have happened in the past week in the book blogging world! I was actually inspired to do this by Elizziebooks. She does something similar with booktube.

So I will be posting these news every Sunday! Hope you like the idea! 😀

Well, these were some of the posts that caught my attention this week:

Lucy from Queen of Contemporary talked about how other people react to her being a book blogger. Apparently, she gets many different reactions that she decided she’d share with us!

Kate from Cuddlebuggery had her Buzz Worthy News and she had some interesting information for all us Harry Potter fans: they are coming out in an illustrated edition!

Speaking of Harry Potter, Ashley from Nosegraze shared with us why she can’t re-read the first 3 Harry Potter books even though she loves the series.


Adventures of a Bookjunkie is having a very interesting feature, called “The time it was about the 12 days of Christmas” in which she will be making a giveaway for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Woohoo! Make sure to participate in those.




And last but not least, Bookhounds and I am a reader, not a writer are hosting a hop called “Best of 2013 Giveaway Hop”. More than 100 bloggers are participating and each one of them will be giving away one of their favorite books of 2013.

So these were all the news I had for you this week! Let me know if you like this idea for a feature, or if someone is doing it already (I searched, but didn’t find anything…)

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