Rating Books

So here’s the thing. I suck at sticking with my opinions. More specifically, my current problem is that I cannot decide how to rate books.

What I usually do, is read the book, write the review, and then decide the rating of the book. Most of the times I manage to make up my mind on how many stars I will give the book, but the problem is my opinion changes afterwards.

When I go back and look at how I’ve rated books in the past, I realize that a lot of those ratings don’t really express the way I feel about the book now!

So my question is: Should I go back and change those ratings? Or should I just let them be? And if I do change them should I make an update on the review saying when and why my opinion on this book changed?

Please let me know what you think! I’m kind of freaking out here!


2 thoughts on “Rating Books

  1. I think that’s the hardest thing with reviewing, I always have trouble with rating, especially if it’s one I did like but had a major issue with, or if I’m impartial with it since it’s supposed to be a fair review. I think it depends on you, but I weigh the what I did like against what I didn’t and kind of meet it in the middle, like if I had one or two issues with it, I’d only take 1 star off. If your feelings for the book change once you think about it, I’d definitely change the rating but like you said, do an update with the reason why so it’s both fair to the book and to help readers. 🙂

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